Enterprise Bot Workshop Agenda (draft)

This is a draft agenda for the bot workshops that Valeriia and I run with our customers.

I intend to flesh this out and improve it as we run more and more.

Demo of the Enterprise Bot Template

Enterprise Bot Template Architecture Discussion

Intro to LUIS

  • configure global LUIS Intents
  • configure app specific LUIS Intents

Intro to QnA Maker

  • configure global QnA Maker
  • configure app specific QnA Maker

Intro to the Dispatcher

  • wiring together the LUIS & QnA Maker docs

Installing the Enterprise Bot Template

Deploying the Enterprise Bot Template

Deploying your bot

Customise the Enterprise Template

Customise the template

  • Review Project Structure
  • Update Intro Message
  • Update Bot Responses
  • (skip updating cognitive models - already done)
  • Add a new dialog

View bot analytics & Telemetry

Code inspection

  • Typing indicators
  • Language support
  • Transcripts

Consuming external APIs

Configure Authentication


  • images from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/bot-service/bot-builder-concept-dialog?view=azure-bot-service-4.0