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NDC Sydney 2018: Bots – the Next UI Revolution


Ignite 2017 – Conversation as a platform with Dr Neil


NDC Sydney 2016 – Angular 2 War Stories

I was lucky enough to be asked to present at NDC Sydney – probably the best conference I have ever been to.

You can check out our session here.

Angular 2 War Stories – We’re bringing the front line to you !

Angular 2 is awesome. Performance, Mobile friendly, Flexible. Sweet ! Happy Users, Happy Developers, Happy Business. Awesome! …. but there are so many options, and so many unanswered questions.
This session will de-mystify Angular 2 and show you the pitfalls to avoid when building Angular 2 in production. Come see how we are doing it now on large enterprise applications.


ASP.NET 5 De-bamboozled – Lessons I wish some-one else had learned… The change from ASP.NET 4 to ASP.NET 5 brings a whole lot of awesome to web development, but it’s the biggest change since MVC was introduced and the learning curve is massive.

SSW shipped 2 enterprise apps on ASP.NET 5 while it was still in Beta (wow, that hurt).

Don’t spend weeks trying to understand how to get your new project right.

This session isn’t just ‘hello world’, it’s the stuff we wish we’d known in those first head-scratching weeks.


3 Minutes with ASP.NET 5: Where’s my Cheese?

ASP.NET 5 (formerly known as ASP.NET vNext), along with .NET Core, is Microsoft’s ground-up rewrite of the .NET Framework. It is designed specifically for modern cross-platform web-application development and involves a number of breaking changes and new concepts that the .NET developer will need to be aware of.


The Secret Lab – Behind SSW’s ‘FireBootCamp’

I get asked a lot about the secret to the success of FireBootCamp, and how we get such great results from our intense developer training.

The SSW.TV team kindly put together this collection of behind-the-scenes footage.


If you want to see more of the actual bootcampers in action during sprints 1 and 2 check out the following (more serious) videos

Week 1 at FireBootCamp Sydney 2014

Week 2 at FireBootCamp Sydney 2014


And here are the highlights from  graduation day

Gala Day – Sydney 2014



FireBootCamp – Gala Day Highlights

FireBootCamp has been an amazing experience.

After 9 weeks of intense training, the FireBootCampers present the solutions that they built during the course, celebrate their successes with a glass of Champagne and mingle with potential employers.


FireBootCamp – Week 2 in review

Sprint 1 was great, but now the guys are really getting going.

Check out their progress in Sprint 2.


FireBootCamp – Week 1

Week 1 at FireBootCamp has been amazing.

The teams have been thrown in the deep end, but they are loving it.

They are really getting into learning MVC and Scrum. They especially loved having Andrew Coates from Microsoft as a guest mentor to introduce them to Windows Azure, TFS and Continuous Deployment.


SSW TV: Windows Phone 8 Development with Microsoft MVP Michael Crump

In this video I chat to Michael Crump about his experiences developing for Windows Phone 8.

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