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Clean Code, Testing and Continuous Improvement with Peter Gfader

Peter Gfader knows how to ship software. In this interview we chat about Clean Code, testing and continuous improvement


SSW TV Interview with John Papa on Single Page Applications (SPA)

I had a great chat with John Papa about building Single Page Applications to get a fantastically responsive web UI.

We discuss the ASP.Net SPA Templates, Javascript libraries and the effects on application architecture.
Check it out on SSW TV

SSW TV Interview with Scott Allen on AngularJS

Interviewing Scott Allen on  using AngularJS to build responsive web applications with two-way data-binding, clear separation of concerns and improved testability.

Check it out on SSW TV


Eat your vegetables! Baking Healthy Projects with Unit Testing and Dependency Injection

Unit testing and Dependency Injection are good for you, yet these essential ingredients are missing from many projects.

In this session I look at why many projects still don’t include unit tests, and provide some recipes for healthy projects that every coder should have in their recipe book